Why We Hike The reason behind the movement

The Hike Like A Girl movement is here to encourage girls/ ladies/ moms/ woman all across the country to hit the hiking trails.

To get together and support/ help each other to enjoy a more adventurous healthy lifestyle. We want to assist in creating those opportunities where women from all races, ages, cultures, provinces come together to enjoy nature at its best.

We aim to cater for all your needs, making sure you return home after one of our hikes feeling relaxed, replenished, inspired and ready to take on the world.

We offer a wide variety of Hikes all over the country and even the world.

Arranging luxury hiking weekends, Multi Day Hikes as well as international tours. Choose your vibe and join us for a fantastic weekend out in nature.

All to often we hear the phrase: “You act like a girl” or “You do this or that like a girl”, as if that’s a bad thing?

Yes I hike Like a girl, Try and keep up!